A message
from our Pastor

Years ago, the church's leadership team and members spent more than 18 months developing a mission statement that would serve to keep us focused in the years to come. It reads:

"We are a community of people, compelled by the love of Jesus, to offer to all people acceptance, compassion, forgiveness and a place to belong."

In our world of high tech and extreme busyness, connecting with people beyond the usual "Hi, how are you?" is very important to us. Those who call our church their church are discovering that those mission statement values are being embraced throughout our church family, not perfectly by any means, but nevertheless, great efforts are being made to reflect the character of Jesus.

Our church family strives to offer to one another a place to belong. You are a stranger only the first time you worship with us. We look forward to becoming better acquainted.

Outside our building is a huge mural with an eagle soaring high into the sky. The words on the mural are from the Bible, the Word of God. They read:

"God offers a fresh start.
Don't quit. Soar high."

our Pastor

In addition to pastoring the Newmarket
Church of the Nazarene,
Dr. L. Keith Taylor, DMin, is a community grief counsellor and educator is a former palliative care chaplain at Southlake Regional Health Centre in Newmarket. He graduated from Tyndale University College and Seminary in Toronto on May 12, 2012 with his Doctor of Ministry degree.

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